The Chef's at Cuisine of India presents a menu item traditionally and fusion version of Indian Cuisine that showcases the future of world best cuisine. The cooking style adapted at Cuisine of India is most traditional style such as Tandoor, Tawa, Handi and Sigri.

Please join us for the finest North Indian Cuisine dining experience Cleveland has to offer.

Tomato Soup 3.5 
A refreshingly delicious soup made 
from fresh tomatoes and cream. 
Shorba é Dhania Mirch 3.5 
A clear, mildly spiced soup simmered 
with fresh cilantro, lemon juice 
and green chopped chili’s. 
Daal Soup 3.5 
Specially prepared, delicately spiced 
lentil broth. 

Rotiya Ka Khazana

All breads are prepared in traditional tandoor 

Tandori Naan / Roti  

A must with every meal. Leavened white flour bread, baked in tandoor, brushed with butter. 

Garlic Naan  

Fresh from the tandoor. A traditional naan topped with freshly minced garlic and cilantro, brushed with butter. 


Multi-layered whole wheat bread enriched with butter, baked in the tandor. 

Lajawab Paratha  

Multi-layered leavened whole wheat bread stuffed with shredded chicken, onions, fresh herbs & spices. 

Puri or Bhatura 

Traditional Indian breads, prepared on a flat griddle or deep-fried (2 Pieces). 

Onion Paratha  

A whole wheat flour layered bread stuffed with spices and onion. 

Mint Paratha 

Mint stuffed whole wheat layered bread. 

Onion Kulcha  

A leavened white bread stuffed with spiced chopped onions and herbs. 

Peshawari Naan  

Naan stuffed with spiced paneer, nuts and raisins. (sweet). 

Paneer Paratha  

Fresh whole wheat flour bread stuffed with homemade cottage cheese and in-house spices, brushed with butter. 

Aaloo Paratha  

Potatoes & green peas stuffed bread. 

Keema Naan 

Bread stuffed with minced lamb & spices. 

Cheese Naan 

A leavened white bread stuffed with Indian cheese.


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